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Farm fresh chicken meat has great flavor and moistness! We get our broilers as baby chicks, and eight weeks later they are nice and plump and ready to be butchered. Contact us if you'd like fresh, unfrozen chickens on our next butchering date. Otherwise we will have a variety of frozen chicken for sale; some whole, and others cut up and packaged for your convenience.

Next butchering date: Possibly late summer 2020

Chicken Pricing

Whole Chicken: $2.99/lb. (Sold Out)

Drumsticks (6/pkg.): $3.74/lb. (Sold Out)

Thighs (6/pkg.): $3.94/lb. (Sold Out)   

Wings (12/pkg.): $3.54/lb. (Sold Out) 

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (3/pkg.): $4.34/lb. (Sold Out)

Liver: $3.00/lb. 

*Prices subject to change. Updated May 2019