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Our Farm's lambs are butchered at a fairly young age of 6-7 months old. Being butchered when young, they do not have the stronger flavor of older mutton, but have a mild flavor. For those never having lamb before, Our Farm lamb chops have the flavor and texture of a cross between beef and pork. Very tasty, and great to add variety to the typical American diet of beef, pork, and chicken!

Lamb Pricing

Lamb Chops: $14.99/lb. (Sold Out)

The lamb chops are 3/4" thick and packaged 4/pkg.

Ground Lamb: $7.99/lb.

The ground lamb is packaged in 1 lb. packages.

Lamb Brats: $8.99/lb. 

The brats are packaged 7 brats/pkg.

Boneless Leg of Lamb: $9.99/lb.