About Us

Our Family

We are the Lanz's - Dave and Tami, our five daughters and a son in law! We live on an acreage in Southeast Iowa where we love farm and country life. 

Getting Started

We did not start out with the intent of selling our products; it just kind of happened. We were wanting to raise our own animals to butcher for ourselves, so we built a barn and put in a pasture to accommodate our animals. We had enough space for more animals than just what our family needs, so we decided to sell and share our products with you! So far we are loving all the products we have raised or produced on our farm. You can't beat farm fresh!  

Farm Life

The country is a great place to raise a family. While the adults around here do a good deal of the day to day work with the animals, the kids help out with cleaning out chicken coops, stacking hay in the barn loft, bottle feeding baby calves, and other odd jobs. A favorite for the whole family are the baby animals when we have them. We all love the little chicks, calves, pigs, kittens, and lambs!