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Our goal: To raise beef to make tender, nicely marbled, great tasting meat. We started out raising Jersey steers since they are known for these qualities in their beef. Our Farm's Jersey meat has great flavor, beautiful marbling, and is nice and tender. Recently we've added other dairy and dairy/beef crosses to our farm, because dairy breeds are known for the great marbling we are looking for.

Beef Pricing

Ground beef: $5.19/lb. 

The ground beef is 85% lean and packaged in 1 lb. pkgs.

Sirloin Steak: $7.49/lb.

1" thick, 1/pkg.

Filets: $23.99/lb.

1 1/2" thick, 2/pkg.

Tenderized Minute Steaks: $5.99/lb.


Brisket: $6.49/lb. 

Arm Roast: $4.99/lb.

Ribeye Steak: $14.99/lb. 

1" thick, 2/pkg.

New York Strip Steak: $11.99/lb.

1" thick, 2/pkg.

Flank Steaks: $8.49/lb.

1" thick, 1/pkg. 

Short Ribs: $4.99/lb.

3-5 lbs./pkg.

Chuck Roast: $5.49/lb.

Marrow Bones: $1.00/lb.

Packaged in 5 lb. bags

Oxtail: $4.99/lb.

*Prices subject to change. Updated March 2018.