Journey of a Chicken

The story of the life of a broiler on Our Farm: Our broilers are ordered online from a hatchery, and are mailed to us in a large box once they are hatched. We get them a day or two later. The post office calls to tell me they've arrived, and I go into town to pick them up. As soon as I set foot in the post office, I hear their loud chirping. Once in their new home, the chicken coop in the red barn, I pick each one up and dip it's beak into water so they know where to find it. With plenty of water and food available, cozy heat lamps to bask under, and room to run around, they are very happy in their new home. After about two weeks when they have feathers, I shut off their heat lamps and let

Chip's Graduation Day

Meet Chip, our Babydoll Southdown cross sheep. He is absolutely lovable and adorable. And thus, he is a pet, never to be butchered and eaten. Chip loves to have the sides of his face rubbed, loves to eat, and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's one of the cows simply because that's who he's around all the time. The other day, hubby and I were standing in the barn discussing barn clean out and rearrangement of gates for pens when I commented, "Chip's gate is kind of hard to open to get him out for walks. It would sure be nice if there was an easier way to get him out." As soon as I said that, Chip, who was silently standing in front of us in his pen, took a flying leap over his gate and landed up

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