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Everybody's busy. We understand that. We have five kids, 8 cows, 10 pigs, 139 chickens, and 3 cats to care for, not to mention all the other stuff in our lives. Just like all of you. Well, you might not have five kids and a barn full of animals, but we know you've got things keeping you busy. So, to make life easier and more convenient for ya'll, if you have something you need to swing by Our Farm to buy, you can message us on Facebook, email us, or call ahead, and we will get your order all packaged up and keep it in our freezer or refrigerator (if it's eggs) until you stop to get it. We will also give you a total so you can pay, grab your order, and go if you're in a hurry. Of course, we never mind taking the time to chat with our customers or give you a tour of our small barn and animals if you'd like, because the best part of our business is you, the customers!

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