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The Chickens Rule the Barn

The first time we opened the small chicken door to let the chickens outside, they were all too scared to leave their coop. But, after a couple days they worked up the nerve to venture out. And venture out they have! There are three acres of pasture for them to roam around in, and where do you think they headed? Right around the corner, through the big barn door, and into the main part of the barn. Where they promptly took over and made themselves quite at home. The barn cats were curious about these creatures pecking around on their turf, but quite perplexed when the chickens found the cat food bowl and starting pecking at it, eating cat food and scattering it around on the ground. They helped themselves to the cat water bowl and after drinking part of it, sent it clattering across the floor where it landed upside down. The calves stared in fascination at these strangers converging upon them. Right through the bars of the gate they went into the calf pen, and started pecking around at the corn the calves had dribbled around their feeder. There are 50 chickens, and they were everywhere. Digging small holes in the lime barn floor, strewing hay and straw everywhere as their legs dug furiously, perching on top of fencing, running around as if they owned the place. The Husband came out to the barn to help the Wife hang some lighting in the chicken coop. He walked in, took a look around, and shaking his head said "What a mess." Now, Wife rather likes the chickens and feels the need to come to their defense, but secretly has to agree that it is rather a mess. Wife feebly says,"Don't worry, I'll clean it up. And I won't open the big barn door tomorrow, so they can't get in." Maybe tomorrow they'll decide they like to roam around in three acres of nice, grassy pasture.

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